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What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that is dedicated to the dental & oral health of children from infancy to teen age.

This branch of dentistry should deal with the care of child’s gums, teeth and mouth in every stage of childhood.

Know About Your Child’s Oral Condition:

A child starts to get his/her baby teeth with in the first six months of life. By the age of six or seven the child starts to lose the first set of his/her teeth. Then after that the new secondary and permanent teeth set will be replace the primary teeth set.

The lack of proper dental care for the children may lead  to dental dieases like tooth decay which can cause severe pain and complications in the entire life. Now a days dental problems are 7 times more common in chilren than fever.

What are the Treatments included in Pediatric Dentistry ?

  • Oral Exams for the infants.
  • Recommentation for the nutrition and diet for oral health of children.
  • Cleaning and fluoride treatments done as preventive measures.
  • Counseling for habits like tumb sucking.
  • Early treatment and assessment for correcting improper bite and teeth straightening.
  • Cavities prevention and early treatment.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gum diseases.
  • Treatment for other oral conditions related to other diseases like asthma, diabetes, congentital heart problem etc..
  • Treatment for dental injuries.
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