Myth & Facts about Milk tooth.

  • It is advisable to clean baby’s gum pads before even a tooth erupts.


Begin cleaning an infant’s tooth as soon as the 1st tooth erupts.
1. Use a soft cloth/Gauze to wipe the tooth with plain water.
2. No Toothpaste.






Related image2 Baby’s teeth are important as they help in

1. Learning to speak. (Like Pronouncing a word is difficult for Seniors without denture)
2. Learning to eat.  (Decayed tooth pains; so unable to chew; so they tend to swallow without chewing, leading improper eating habits or sometimes they prefer eating stuff like cookies, chocolates, chips as these require less chewing.)




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3. Saving a tooth for Permanent tooth.
(If Milk teeth are lost/decayed early, there is comparatively less space for Permanent tooth to erupt causing crowded/ Haphazard teeth.)
• Bacteria causing tooth decay are CONTAGIOUS;
AVOID sharing spoons, forks, allowing children to put their hands in adults mouth.
• Children’s of mother with high Caries Rate are at higher risk for tooth decay.
• If a child’s milk tooth has fallen and bleeding; have the child bite on a clean Gauze piece with pressure for 15 minutes and than an ice cream.



3. Most important way of preventing a tooth decay in children is
1. Use fluoride toothpaste.
2. Dentist can apply a Fluoride paint (Varnish) every 6th month
3. Regular Dental Check up every 6th month.






*Issued in Public Interest. / *Article by Dr Ravi R Pandey.
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